TableOfAuthorities.EntrySeparator property (Word)

Returns or sets the characters (up to five) that separate a table of authorities entry and its page number. Read/write String.


expression. EntrySeparator

expression A variable that represents a 'TableOfAuthorities' object.


The default is a tab character with a dotted leader. Corresponds to the \e switch for a TOA (Table of Authorities) field.


This example inserts a table of authorities into the active document and then formats the table to use a comma between the entries and their corresponding page numbers.

Dim rngTemp As Range 
Dim toaLoop As TableOfAuthorities 
Set rngTemp = ActiveDocument.Range(Start:=0, End:=0) 
ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities.Add _ 
 Range:=rngTemp, Category:=1 
For Each toaLoop In ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthorities 
 toaLoop.EntrySeparator = ", " 
Next toaLoop

This example returns the entry separator for the first table of authorities.

Dim strSeparator 
strSeparator = _ 

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