TextColumns.EvenlySpaced property (Word)

True if text columns are evenly spaced. Read/write Long.


expression. EvenlySpaced

expression A variable that represents a 'TextColumns' object.


The EvenlySpaced property can be True, False, or wdUndefined.

If you set the Spacing or Width property of the TextColumns object, the EvenlySpaced property is automatically set to True. Also, setting the EvenlySpaced property may change the settings for the Spacing and Width properties of the TextColumns object.


This example topic sets columns in the active document to be evenly spaced.

Dim colTextColumns 
Set colTextColumns = ActiveDocument.PageSetup.TextColumns 
If colTextColumns.Count > 1 Then _ 
 colTextColumns.EvenlySpaced = True 
End If

This example returns the status of the Equal column width option in the Columns dialog box (Format menu).

Dim lngSpaced As Long 
lngSpaced = ActiveDocument.PageSetup.TextColumns.EvenlySpaced

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