ThreeDFormat.RotationX property (Word)

Returns or sets the rotation of the extruded shape around the x-axis in degrees. Read/write Single.


expression. RotationX

expression An expression that returns a 'ThreeDFormat' object.


The RotationX property can be a value from - 90 through 90. A positive value indicates upward rotation; a negative value indicates downward rotation.

To set the rotation of the extruded shape around the y-axis, use the RotationY property of the ThreeDFormat object. To set the rotation of the extruded shape around the z-axis, use the Rotation property of the Shape object. To change the direction of the extrusion's sweep path without rotating the front face of the extrusion, use the SetExtrusionDirection method.


This example adds three identical extruded ovals to the active document and sets their rotation around the x-axis to - 30, 0, and 30 degrees, respectively.

With ActiveDocument.Shapes 
 With .AddShape(msoShapeOval, 30, 60, 50, 25).ThreeD 
 .Visible = True 
 .RotationX = -30 
 End With 
 With .AddShape(msoShapeOval, 90, 60, 50, 25).ThreeD 
 .Visible = True 
 .RotationX = 0 
 End With 
 With .AddShape(msoShapeOval, 150, 60, 50, 25).ThreeD 
 .Visible = True 
 .RotationX = 30 
 End With 
End With

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