Application.CheckAbort method (Excel)

Stops recalculation in a Microsoft Excel application.


expression.CheckAbort (KeepAbort)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
KeepAbort Optional Boolean Allows recalculation to be performed for a range.


In this example, Excel stops recalculation in the application, except for cell A10. For you to be able to see the results of this example, other calculations should exist in the application that will allow you to see the differences between the cell designated to continue recalculating and other cells.

Sub UseCheckAbort() 
 Dim rngSubtotal As Variant 
 Set rngSubtotal = Application.Range("A10") 
 ' Stop recalculation except for designated cell. 
 Application.CheckAbort KeepAbort:=rngSubtotal 
End Sub

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