Application.ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit event (Excel)

Occurs immediately before editing is enabled on the workbook in the specified Protected View window.


expression.ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit (Pvw, Cancel)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Pvw Required ProtectedViewWindow The Protected View window that contains the workbook that is enabled for editing.
Cancel Required Boolean False when the event occurs. If the event procedure sets this argument to True, editing is not enabled on the workbook.

Return value



The following code example prompts the user for a yes or no response before enabling editing on a workbook in a Protected View window. This code must be placed in a class module, and an instance of the class must be correctly initialized.

For more information about how to use event procedures with the Application object, see Using events with the Application object.

Private Sub App_ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit(ByVal Pvw As ProtectedViewWindow, Cancel As Boolean) 
 Dim intResponse As Integer 
 intResponse = MsgBox("Do you really " _ 
 & "want to edit the workbook?", _ 
 If intResponse = vbNo Then Cancel = True 
End Sub

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