Chart.Axes method (Excel)

Returns an object that represents either a single axis or a collection of the axes on the chart.


expression.Axes (Type, AxisGroup)

expression A variable that represents a Chart object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Type Optional Variant Specifies the axis to return. Can be one of the following XlAxisType constants: xlValue, xlCategory, or xlSeriesAxis (xlSeriesAxis is valid only for 3D charts).
AxisGroup Optional XlAxisGroup Specifies the axis group. If this argument is omitted, the primary group is used. 3D charts have only one axis group.

Return value



This example adds an axis label to the category axis on Chart1.

With Charts("Chart1").Axes(xlCategory) 
 .HasTitle = True 
 .AxisTitle.Text = "July Sales" 
End With

This example turns off major gridlines for the category axis on Chart1.

Charts("Chart1").Axes(xlCategory).HasMajorGridlines = False

This example turns off all gridlines for all axes on Chart1.

For Each a In Charts("Chart1").Axes 
 a.HasMajorGridlines = False 
 a.HasMinorGridlines = False 
Next a

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