CubeField object (Excel)

Represents a hierarchy or measure field from an OLAP cube. In a PivotTable report, the CubeField object is a member of the CubeFields collection.


Use the CubeField property of the PivotField object to return the CubeField object. This example creates a list of the cube field names for all the hierarchy fields in the first OLAP-based PivotTable report on Sheet1.

Set objNewSheet = Worksheets.Add 
intRow = 1 
For Each objPF in _ 
 If objPF.CubeField.CubeFieldType = xlHierarchy Then 
 objNewSheet.Cells(intRow, 1).Value = objPF.Name 
 intRow = intRow + 1 
 End If 
Next objPF

Use CubeFields (index), where index is the cube field's index number, to return a single CubeField object. The following example determines the name of the second cube field in the first PivotTable report on the active worksheet.

strAlphaName = _ 



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