FreeformBuilder.ConvertToShape method (Excel)

Creates a shape that has the geometric characteristics of the specified FreeformBuilder object. Returns a Shape object that represents the new shape.



expression A variable that represents a FreeformBuilder object.

Return value



You must apply the AddNodes method to a FreeformBuilder object at least once before you use the ConvertToShape method.


This example adds a freeform with five vertices to myDocument.

Set myDocument = Worksheets(1) 
With myDocument.Shapes.BuildFreeform(msoEditingCorner, 360, 200) 
 .AddNodes msoSegmentCurve, msoEditingCorner, _ 
 380, 230, 400, 250, 450, 300 
 .AddNodes msoSegmentCurve, msoEditingAuto, 480, 200 
 .AddNodes msoSegmentLine, msoEditingAuto, 480, 400 
 .AddNodes msoSegmentLine, msoEditingAuto, 360, 200 
End With

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