PivotCache.MakeConnection method (Excel)

Establishes a connection for the specified PivotTable cache.



expression A variable that represents a PivotCache object.


The MakeConnection method can be used after the cache drops a connection and the user wants to reestablish the connection.

Various objects and methods might return a run-time error if the cache is not connected. Use of this method assures a connection before executing other objects or methods.

This method will result in a run-time error if the MaintainConnection property of the specified PivotTable cache has been set to False, the SourceType property of the specified PivotTable cache has not been set to xlExternal, or if the connection is not to an OLE DB data source.


Microsoft Excel might drop a connection temporarily in the course of a session (unknown to the VBA programmer), so this method proves useful.


The following example determines if the cache is connected to its source and makes a connection to the source if necessary. This example assumes that a PivotTable cache exists on the active worksheet.

Sub UseMakeConnection() 
    Dim pvtCache As PivotCache 
    Set pvtCache = Application.ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Item(1) 
    ' Handle run-time error if external source is not an OLE DB data source. 
    On Error GoTo Not_OLEDB 
    ' Check connection setting and make connection if necessary. 
    If pvtCache.IsConnected = True Then 
        MsgBox "The MakeConnection method is not needed." 
        MsgBox "A connection has been made." 
    End If 
    Exit Sub 
    MsgBox "The data source is not an OLE DB data source" 
End Sub

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