PivotField.UseMemberPropertyAsCaption property (Excel)

This property is used to control whether member property captions are used for PivotItem captions of the PivotField. Read/write Boolean.



expression A variable that represents a PivotField object.


If UseMemberPropertyAsCaption is set to True for a PivotField, MemberPropertyCaption specifies which member property caption to display. If none is specified, the first member property of that PivotField (in data source order) will be displayed as the caption for items of that PivotField.

If UseMemberPropertyAsCaption is set to False, the regular PivotItem captions are used for the PivotField.

If you try to set UseMemberPropertyAsCaption to True for a PivotField with no member properties, a run-time error is returned. For PivotFields with no member properties, the property is always False.

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