Range.Ungroup method (Excel)

Promotes a range in an outline (that is, decreases its outline level). The specified range must be a row or column, or a range of rows or columns. If the range is in a PivotTable report, this method ungroups the items contained in the range.



expression A variable that represents a Range object.

Return value



If the active cell is in a field header of a parent field, all the groups in that field are ungrouped and the field is removed from the PivotTable report. When the last group in a parent field is ungrouped, the entire field is removed from the report.


This example ungroups the ORDER_DATE field.

Set pvtTable = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A3").PivotTable 
Set groupRange = pvtTable.PivotFields("ORDER_DATE").DataRange 

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