ShapeNode.Points property (Excel)

Returns the position of the specified node as a coordinate pair. Each coordinate is expressed in points. Read-only Variant.



expression An expression that returns a ShapeNode object.

Return value



This property is read-only. Use the SetPosition method to set the value of this property.


This example moves node two in shape three on myDocument to the right 200 points and down 300 points. Shape three must be a freeform drawing.

Set myDocument = Worksheets(1) 
With myDocument.Shapes(3).Nodes 
 pointsArray = .Item(2).Points 
 currXvalue = pointsArray(1, 1) 
 currYvalue = pointsArray(1, 2) 
 .SetPosition 2, currXvalue + 200, currYvalue + 300 
End With

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