SpellingOptions.ArabicModes property (Excel)

Returns or sets the mode for the Arabic spelling checker. Read/write XlArabicModes.



expression A variable that represents a SpellingOptions object.


In this example, Microsoft Excel checks the setting for the spell checking option for Arabic mode and sets it to check for words ending with the letter yaa and words beginning with an alef hamza, if the Arabic mode is not set to this already. Before running this code example, the Arabic modes option must be enabled in the spelling options.

Sub SpellCheck() 
 If Application.SpellingOptions.ArabicModes <> xlArabicBothStrict Then 
 Application.SpellingOptions.ArabicModes = xlArabicBothStrict 
 MsgBox "Spell checking for Arabic mode has been changed to a strict setting." 
 MsgBox "Spell checking for Arabic mode is already in a strict setting." 
 End If 
End Sub

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