TextEffectFormat.ToggleVerticalText method (Excel)

Switches the text flow in the specified WordArt from horizontal to vertical, or vice versa.



expression A variable that represents a TextEffectFormat object.


Using the ToggleVerticalText method swaps the values of the Width and Height properties of the Shape object that represents the WordArt, and leaves the Left and Top properties unchanged.

The Flip method and Rotation property of the Shape object and the RotatedChars property and ToggleVerticalText method of the TextEffectFormat object all affect the character orientation and the direction of text flow in a Shape object that represents WordArt. You may have to experiment to find out how to combine the effects of these properties and methods to get the result you want.


This example adds WordArt that contains the text Test to myDocument and switches from horizontal text flow (the default for the specified WordArt style, msoTextEffect1) to vertical text flow.

Set myDocument = Worksheets(1) 
Set newWordArt = myDocument.Shapes.AddTextEffect( _ 
 PresetTextEffect:=msoTextEffect1, Text:="Test", _ 
 FontName:="Arial Black", FontSize:=36, _ 
 FontBold:=False, FontItalic:=False, Left:=100, _ 

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