IBlogExtensibility.RepublishPost method (Office)

Hands off the current post so it can be republished by the provider.


expression.RepublishPost (Account, ParentWindow, Document, userName, Password, PostID, xHTML, Title, DateTime, Categories(), Draft, PublishMessage)

expression An expression that returns an IBlogExtensibility object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Account Required String Represents the GUID of the account registry key. Blog account settings are stored in the registry at \HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Blog\Account.
ParentWindow Required Long Contains the HWND for the window that Microsoft Word is calling from.
Document Required Object The current document.
userName Required String Represents the username stored in the registry account settings.
Password Required String Represents the user's password stored in the registry account settings.
PostID Required String The ID of the original post.
xHTML Required String Represents the xHTML of the current document.
Title Required String The title of the post.
DateTime Required String The date the entry was posted.
Categories() Required String A list of categories supported by the provider.
Draft Required Boolean Specifies whether this is a draft version of the post.
PublishMessage Required String Specifies what is displayed in the publish bar.

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