MsoEncoding enumeration (Office)

Specifies the document encoding (code page or character set) for the web browser to use when a user views a saved document.

Name Value Description
msoEncodingArabic 1256 Arabic
msoEncodingArabicASMO 708 Arabic ASMO
msoEncodingArabicAutoDetect 51256 Web browser auto-detects type of Arabic encoding to use.
msoEncodingArabicTransparentASMO 720 Transparent Arabic
msoEncodingAutoDetect 50001 Web browser auto-detects type of encoding to use.
msoEncodingBaltic 1257 Baltic
msoEncodingCentralEuropean 1250 Central European
msoEncodingCyrillic 1251 Cyrillic
msoEncodingCyrillicAutoDetect 51251 Web browser auto-detects type of Cyrillic encoding to use.
msoEncodingEBCDICArabic 20420 Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) Arabic
msoEncodingEBCDICDenmarkNorway 20277 EBCDIC as used in Denmark and Norway
msoEncodingEBCDICFinlandSweden 20278 EBCDIC as used in Finland and Sweden
msoEncodingEBCDICFrance 20297 EBCDIC as used in France
msoEncodingEBCDICGermany 20273 EBCDIC as used in Germany
msoEncodingEBCDICGreek 20423 EBCDIC as used in the Greek language
msoEncodingEBCDICGreekModern 875 EBCDIC as used in the Modern Greek language
msoEncodingEBCDICHebrew 20424 EBCDIC as used in the Hebrew language
msoEncodingEBCDICIcelandic 20871 EBCDIC as used in Iceland
msoEncodingEBCDICInternational 500 International EBCDIC
msoEncodingEBCDICItaly 20280 EBCDIC as used in Italy
msoEncodingEBCDICJapaneseKatakanaExtended 20290 EBCDIC as used with Japanese Katakana (extended)
msoEncodingEBCDICJapaneseKatakanaExtendedAndJapanese 50930 EBCDIC as used with Japanese Katakana (extended) and Japanese
msoEncodingEBCDICJapaneseLatinExtendedAndJapanese 50939 EBCDIC as used with Japanese Latin (extended) and Japanese
msoEncodingEBCDICKoreanExtended 20833 EBCDIC as used with Korean (extended)
msoEncodingEBCDICKoreanExtendedAndKorean 50933 EBCDIC as used with Korean (extended) and Korean
msoEncodingEBCDICLatinAmericaSpain 20284 EBCDIC as used in Latin America and Spain
msoEncodingEBCDICMultilingualROECELatin2 870 EBCDIC Multilingual ROECE (Latin 2)
msoEncodingEBCDICRussian 20880 EBCDIC as used with Russian
msoEncodingEBCDICSerbianBulgarian 21025 EBCDIC as used with Serbian and Bulgarian
msoEncodingEBCDICSimplifiedChineseExtendedAndSimplifiedChinese 50935 EBCDIC as used with Simplified Chinese (extended) and Simplified Chinese
msoEncodingEBCDICThai 20838 EBCDIC as used with Thai
msoEncodingEBCDICTurkish 20905 EBCDIC as used with Turkish
msoEncodingEBCDICTurkishLatin5 1026 EBCDIC as used with Turkish (Latin 5)
msoEncodingEBCDICUnitedKingdom 20285 EBCDIC as used in the United Kingdom
msoEncodingEBCDICUSCanada 37 EBCDIC as used in the United States and Canada
msoEncodingEBCDICUSCanadaAndJapanese 50931 EBCDIC as used in the United States and Canada, and with Japanese
msoEncodingEBCDICUSCanadaAndTraditionalChinese 50937 EBCDIC as used in the United States and Canada, and with Traditional Chinese
msoEncodingEUCChineseSimplifiedChinese 51936 Extended Unix Code (EUC) as used with Chinese and Simplified Chinese
msoEncodingEUCJapanese 51932 EUC as used with Japanese
msoEncodingEUCKorean 51949 EUC as used with Korean
msoEncodingEUCTaiwaneseTraditionalChinese 51950 EUC as used with Taiwanese and Traditional Chinese
msoEncodingEuropa3 29001 Europa
msoEncodingExtAlphaLowercase 21027 Extended Alpha lowercase
msoEncodingGreek 1253 Greek
msoEncodingGreekAutoDetect 51253 Web browser auto-detects type of Greek encoding to use.
msoEncodingHebrew 1255 Hebrew
msoEncodingHZGBSimplifiedChinese 52936 Simplified Chinese (HZGB)
msoEncodingIA5German 20106 German (International Alphabet No. 5, or IA5)
msoEncodingIA5IRV 20105 IA5, International Reference Version (IRV)
msoEncodingIA5Norwegian 20108 IA5 as used with Norwegian
msoEncodingIA5Swedish 20107 IA5 as used with Swedish
msoEncodingISCIIAssamese 57006 Indian Script Code for Information Interchange (ISCII) as used with Assamese
msoEncodingISCIIBengali 57003 ISCII as used with Bengali
msoEncodingISCIIDevanagari 57002 ISCII as used with Devanagari
msoEncodingISCIIGujarati 57010 ISCII as used with Gujarati
msoEncodingISCIIKannada 57008 ISCII as used with Kannada
msoEncodingISCIIMalayalam 57009 ISCII as used with Malayalam
msoEncodingISCIIOriya 57007 ISCII as used with Oriya
msoEncodingISCIIPunjabi 57011 ISCII as used with Punjabi
msoEncodingISCIITamil 57004 ISCII as used with Tamil
msoEncodingISCIITelugu 57005 ISCII as used with Telugu
msoEncodingISO2022CNSimplifiedChinese 50229 ISO 2022-CN encoding as used with Simplified Chinese
msoEncodingISO2022CNTraditionalChinese 50227 ISO 2022-CN encoding as used with Traditional Chinese
msoEncodingISO2022JPJISX02011989 50222 ISO 2022-JP
msoEncodingISO2022JPJISX02021984 50221 ISO 2022-JP
msoEncodingISO2022JPNoHalfwidthKatakana 50220 ISO 2022-JP with no half-width Katakana
msoEncodingISO2022KR 50225 ISO 2022-KR
msoEncodingISO6937NonSpacingAccent 20269 ISO 6937 Non-Spacing Accent
msoEncodingISO885915Latin9 28605 ISO 8859-15 with Latin 9
msoEncodingISO88591Latin1 28591 ISO 8859-1 Latin 1
msoEncodingISO88592CentralEurope 28592 ISO 8859-2 Central Europe
msoEncodingISO88593Latin3 28593 ISO 8859-3 Latin 3
msoEncodingISO88594Baltic 28594 ISO 8859-4 Baltic
msoEncodingISO88595Cyrillic 28595 ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic
msoEncodingISO88596Arabic 28596 ISA 8859-6 Arabic
msoEncodingISO88597Greek 28597 ISO 8859-7 Greek
msoEncodingISO88598Hebrew 28598 ISO 8859-8 Hebrew
msoEncodingISO88598HebrewLogical 38598 ISO 8859-8 Hebrew (Logical)
msoEncodingISO88599Turkish 28599 ISO 8859-9 Turkish
msoEncodingJapaneseAutoDetect 50932 Web browser auto-detects type of Japanese encoding to use.
msoEncodingJapaneseShiftJIS 932 Japanese (Shift-JIS)
msoEncodingKOI8R 20866 KOI8-R
msoEncodingKOI8U 21866 K0I8-U
msoEncodingKorean 949 Korean
msoEncodingKoreanAutoDetect 50949 Web browser auto-detects type of Korean encoding to use.
msoEncodingKoreanJohab 1361 Korean (Johab)
msoEncodingMacArabic 10004 Macintosh Arabic
msoEncodingMacCroatia 10082 Macintosh Croatian
msoEncodingMacCyrillic 10007 Macintosh Cyrillic
msoEncodingMacGreek1 10006 Macintosh Greek
msoEncodingMacHebrew 10005 Macintosh Hebrew
msoEncodingMacIcelandic 10079 Macintosh Icelandic
msoEncodingMacJapanese 10001 Macintosh Japanese
msoEncodingMacKorean 10003 Macintosh Korean
msoEncodingMacLatin2 10029 Macintosh Latin 2
msoEncodingMacRoman 10000 Macintosh Roman
msoEncodingMacRomania 10010 Macintosh Romanian
msoEncodingMacSimplifiedChineseGB2312 10008 Macintosh Simplified Chinese (GB 2312)
msoEncodingMacTraditionalChineseBig5 10002 Macintosh Traditional Chinese (Big 5)
msoEncodingMacTurkish 10081 Macintosh Turkish
msoEncodingMacUkraine 10017 Macintosh Ukrainian
msoEncodingOEMArabic 864 OEM as used with Arabic
msoEncodingOEMBaltic 775 OEM as used with Baltic
msoEncodingOEMCanadianFrench 863 OEM as used with Canadian French
msoEncodingOEMCyrillic 855 OEM as used with Cyrillic
msoEncodingOEMCyrillicII 866 OEM as used with Cyrillic II
msoEncodingOEMGreek437G 737 OEM as used with Greek 437G
msoEncodingOEMHebrew 862 OEM as used with Hebrew
msoEncodingOEMIcelandic 861 OEM as used with Icelandic
msoEncodingOEMModernGreek 869 OEM as used with Modern Greek
msoEncodingOEMMultilingualLatinI 850 OEM as used with multi-lingual Latin I
msoEncodingOEMMultilingualLatinII 852 OEM as used with multi-lingual Latin II
msoEncodingOEMNordic 865 OEM as used with Nordic languages
msoEncodingOEMPortuguese 860 OEM as used with Portuguese
msoEncodingOEMTurkish 857 OEM as used with Turkish
msoEncodingOEMUnitedStates 437 OEM as used in the United States
msoEncodingSimplifiedChineseAutoDetect 50936 Web browser auto-detects type of Simplified Chinese encoding to use.
msoEncodingSimplifiedChineseGB18030 54936 Simplified Chinese GB 18030
msoEncodingSimplifiedChineseGBK 936 Simplified Chinese GBK
msoEncodingT61 20261 T61
msoEncodingTaiwanCNS 20000 Taiwan CNS
msoEncodingTaiwanEten 20002 Taiwan Eten
msoEncodingTaiwanIBM5550 20003 Taiwan IBM 5550
msoEncodingTaiwanTCA 20001 Taiwan TCA
msoEncodingTaiwanTeleText 20004 Taiwan Teletext
msoEncodingTaiwanWang 20005 Taiwan Wang
msoEncodingThai 874 Thai
msoEncodingTraditionalChineseAutoDetect 50950 Web browser auto-detects type of Traditional Chinese encoding to use.
msoEncodingTraditionalChineseBig5 950 Traditional Chinese Big 5
msoEncodingTurkish 1254 Turkish
msoEncodingUnicodeBigEndian 1201 Unicode big endian
msoEncodingUnicodeLittleEndian 1200 Unicode little endian
msoEncodingUSASCII 20127 United States ASCII
msoEncodingUTF7 65000 UTF-7 encoding
msoEncodingUTF8 65001 UTF-8 encoding
msoEncodingVietnamese 1258 Vietnamese
msoEncodingWestern 1252 Western

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