MsoPresetCamera enumeration (Office)

Indicates the effects camera type used by the specified object.

Name Value Description
msoCameraIsometricBottomDown 23 Specifies Isometric Bottom Down.
msoCameraIsometricBottomUp 22 Specifies Isometric Bottom Up.
msoCameraIsometricLeftDown 25 Specifies Isometric Left Down.
msoCameraIsometricLeftUp 24 Specifies Isometric Left Up.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis1Left 28 Specifies Isometric OffAxis1 Left.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis1Right 29 Specifies Isometric OffAxis1 Right.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis1Top 30 Specifies Isometric OffAxis1 Top.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis2Left 31 Specifies Isometric OffAxis2 Left.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis2Right 32 Specifies Isometric OffAxis2 Right.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis2Top 33 Specifies Isometric OffAxis2 Top.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis3Bottom 36 Specifies Isometric OffAxis3 Bottom.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis3Left 34 Specifies Isometric OffAxis3 Left.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis3Right 35 Specifies Isometric OffAxis3 Right.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis4Bottom 39 Specifies Isometric OffAxis4 Bottom.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis4Left 37 Specifies Isometric OffAxis4 Left.
msoCameraIsometricOffAxis4Right 38 Specifies Isometric OffAxis4 Right.
msoCameraIsometricRightDown 27 Specifies Isometric Right Down.
msoCameraIsometricRightUp 26 Specifies Isometric Right Up.
msoCameraIsometricTopDown 21 Specifies Isometric Top Down.
msoCameraIsometricTopUp 20 Specifies Isometric Top Up.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueBottom 8 Specifies Legacy Oblique Bottom.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueBottomLeft 7 Specifies Legacy Oblique Lower Left.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueBottomRight 9 Specifies Legacy Oblique Lower Right.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueFront 5 Specifies Legacy Oblique Front.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueLeft 4 Specifies Legacy Oblique Left.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueRight 6 Specifies Legacy Oblique Right.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueTop 2 Specifies Legacy Oblique Top.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueTopLeft 1 Specifies Legacy Oblique Upper Left.
msoCameraLegacyObliqueTopRight 3 Specifies Legacy Oblique Upper Right.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveBottom 17 Specifies Legacy Perspective Bottom.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveBottomLeft 16 Specifies Legacy Perspective Lower Left.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveBottomRight 18 Specifies Legacy Perspective Lower Right.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveFront 14 Specifies Legacy Perspective Front.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveLeft 13 Specifies Legacy Perspective Left.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveRight 15 Specifies Legacy Perspective Right.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveTop 11 Specifies Legacy Perspective Top.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveTopLeft 10 Specifies Legacy Perspective Upper Left.
msoCameraLegacyPerspectiveTopRight 12 Specifies Legacy Perspective Upper Right.
msoCameraObliqueBottom 46 Specifies Oblique Bottom.
msoCameraObliqueBottomLeft 45 Specifies Oblique Lower Left.
msoCameraObliqueBottomRight 47 Specifies Oblique Lower Right.
msoCameraObliqueLeft 43 Specifies Oblique Left.
msoCameraObliqueRight 44 Specifies Oblique Right.
msoCameraObliqueTop 41 Specifies Oblique Top.
msoCameraObliqueTopLeft 40 Specifies Oblique Upper Left.
msoCameraObliqueTopRight 42 Specifies Oblique Upper Right.
msoCameraOrthographicFront 19 Specifies Orthographic Front.
msoCameraPerspectiveAbove 51 Specifies Perspective Above.
msoCameraPerspectiveAboveLeftFacing 53 Specifies Perspective Above Left Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveAboveRightFacing 54 Specifies Perspective Above Right Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveBelow 52 Specifies Perspective Below.
msoCameraPerspectiveContrastingLeftFacing 55 Specifies Perspective Contrasting Left Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveContrastingRightFacing 56 Specifies Perspective Contrasting Right Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveFront 48 Specifies Perspective Front.
msoCameraPerspectiveHeroicExtremeLeftFacing 59 Specifies Perspective Heroic Extreme Left Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveHeroicExtremeRightFacing 60 Specifies Perspective Heroic Extreme Right Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveHeroicLeftFacing 57 Specifies Perspective Heroic Left Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveHeroicRightFacing 58 Specifies Perspective Heroic Right Facing.
msoCameraPerspectiveLeft 49 Specifies Perspective Left.
msoCameraPerspectiveRelaxed 61 Specifies Perspective Relaxed.
msoCameraPerspectiveRelaxedModerately 62 Specifies Perspective Relaxed Moderately.
msoCameraPerspectiveRight 50 Specifies Perspective Right.
msoPresetCameraMixed -2 Specifies a mixed effect.

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