SharedWorkspace.URL property (Office)

Gets the top-level Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the shared workspace. Read-only.


Beginning with Microsoft Office 2010, this object or member has been deprecated and should not be used.



expression A variable that represents a SharedWorkspace object.

Return value



The URL property returns the address of the shared workspace in this format: https://server/sites/user/workspace/.

The URL property returns a URL-encoded string. For example, a space in the folder name is represented by %20. Use a simple function like the following example to replace this escaped character with a space:

Private Function URLDecode(URLtoDecode As String) As String URLDecode = Replace(URLtoDecode, "%20", " ") End Function


The following example displays the base URL of the shared workspace.

 MsgBox "URL: " & ActiveWorkbook.SharedWorkspaceLink.URL, _ 
        vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Shared Workspace URL" 

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