SmartDocument.SolutionURL property (Office)

Gets or sets an absolute URL that provides the complete path to the XML expansion pack file attached to the active document in Microsoft Word or a workbook in Microsoft Excel. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a SmartDocument object.


The SolutionUrl property returns an empty string when no XML expansion pack is attached to the active document.

Provide appropriate values for the SolutionID and SolutionUrl properties to attach an available XML expansion pack to the active document and transform it into a smart document without using the PickSolution method.

Set the SolutionID and SolutionUrl properties to empty strings to remove the attached XML expansion pack.


The following example determines whether an XML expansion pack is attached to the active Word document, and then displays the smart document's SolutionURL.

 Dim objSmartDoc As Office.SmartDocument 
 Set objSmartDoc = ActiveDocument.SmartDocument 
 If objSmartDoc.SolutionID = "None" Or objSmartDoc.SolutionID = "" Then 
 MsgBox "No XML expansion pack attached." 
 MsgBox "Smart document Solution URL: " & _ 
 End If 
 Set objSmartDoc = Nothing

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