Inspector.ShowFormPage method (Outlook)

Displays a button in the Show group of the Microsoft Office Fluent ribbon for the inspector, clicking which shows the page or form region specified by PageName.


expression. ShowFormPage( _PageName_ )

expression A variable that represents an Inspector object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
PageName Required String The display name of the form page, or the internal name of a form region to be shown.


For form regions, you can use ShowFormRegion to display the button by specifying the InternalName property of the form region, if the form region is an adjoining or separate form region. Only the add-in that implements the form region can use ShowFormRegion to display the button.


This Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example uses the ShowFormPage method to show a button, labeled All Fields, in the Show group of the ribbon of the active inspector. Clicking the All Fields button displays the All Fields page of the currently open item. If an error occurs, Outlook will display a message box to the user.

Sub ShowAllFieldsPage() 
 On Error GoTo ErrorHandler 
 Dim myInspector As Outlook.Inspector 
 Dim myItem As Object 
 Set myInspector = Application.ActiveInspector 
 myInspector.ShowFormPage ("All Fields") 
 Set myItem = myInspector.CurrentItem 
 Exit Sub 
 MsgBox Err.Description, vbInformation 
End Sub

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