ListBox.BorderStyle Property (Outlook Forms Script)

Returns or sets an Integer that specifies the type of border of the control. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a ListBox object.


The possible values of BorderStyle are 0 and 1. 0 represents no visible border line, 1 represents a single-line border (default).

The default value for a ListBox is 0 (None).

You can use either BorderStyle or SpecialEffect to specify the border for a control, but not both. If you specify a nonzero value for one of these properties, the system sets the value of the other property to zero. For example, if you set BorderStyle to 1, the system sets SpecialEffect to zero (Flat). If you specify a nonzero value for SpecialEffect, the system sets BorderStyle to zero.

BorderStyle uses BorderColor to define the colors of its borders. To use the BorderColor property, the BorderStyle property must be set to a value other than 0.

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