MultiPage Object (Outlook Forms Script)

Presents multiple screens of information as a single set.


A MultiPage is useful when you work with a large amount of information that can be sorted into several categories. For example, use a MultiPage to display information from an employment application. One page might contain personal information such as name and address; another page might list previous employers; a third page might list references. The MultiPage lets you visually combine related information, while keeping the entire record readily accessible.

New pages are added to the right of the currently selected page rather than adjacent to it.

A MultiPage is a control that contains a collection of one or more pages.

Each Page of a MultiPage is a form that contains its own controls, and as such, can have a unique layout. Typically, the pages in a MultiPage have tabs so the user can select the individual pages.

By default, a MultiPage includes two pages, called Page1 and Page2. Each of these is a Page object, and together they represent the Pages collection of the MultiPage. If you add more pages, they become part of the same Pages collection.

The default property for a MultiPage is the Value property, which returns the index of the currently active Page in the Pages collection of the MultiPage.

The MultiPage control does not support the Click event.

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