Store.CreateUnifiedGroup method (Outlook)

Enables a unified group to be created.


expression. CreateUnifiedGroup( Name, Name, Alias, Description, FAutoSubscribeMembers, GroupType)

expression A variable that represents a Store object.


The CreateUnifiedGroup method takes the following parameters:

| Name| Data Type| Description| | Name|String|Name of the group.| | Alias|String|Alias of the group.| | Description|String|Description of the group.| | FAutoSubscribeMembers|Boolean|Subscribed members of the group.| | GroupType|OLUNIFIEDGROUPTYPE|Type of group: private or public.| | GroupSmtpAddress|String|Smtp address for the group.|

A call to the CreateUnifiedGroup method fails when: 1) the system is not online, 2) the alias already provided by the user, or 3) a server error occurs.

Return value

The smtp address used to create the group.

See also

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