Table.FindNextRow method (Outlook)

Finds the next row in the Table that meets the criteria specified in a preceding Table.FindRow.


expression. FindNextRow

expression A variable that represents a Table object.

Return value

A Row object that represents the next row in the Table that meets the filter condition in the preceding call to FindRow. Returns Null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if FindNextRow cannot find another row that meets the criteria specified in FindRow. Also returns Null if FindRow has not been called before FindNextRow.


FindNextRow finds the next row based on the row returned by the preceding FindRow or FindNextRow. It does not depend on the current row (as the current row may have been repositioned since the preceding FindRow or FindNextRow, for example, by Table.MoveToStart).

If FindNextRow finds a row, it will position the current row to that row. If it does not find another row, it will not reposition the current row.

See also

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