TabStrip Object (Outlook Forms Script)

Presents a set of related controls as a visual group.


You can use a TabStrip to view different sets of information for related controls.

A TabStrip is a control that contains a collection of one or more tabs.

Each Tab of a TabStrip is a separate object that users can select. Visually, a TabStrip also includes a client area that all the tabs in the TabStrip share.

By default, a TabStrip includes two pages, called Tab1 and Tab2. Each of these is a Tab object, and together they represent the Tabs collection of the TabStrip. If you add more pages, they become part of the same Tabs collection.

For example, the controls might represent information about a daily schedule for a group of individuals, with each set of information corresponding to a different individual in the group. Set the title of each tab to show one individual's name. Then, you can write code that, after you click a tab, updates the controls to show information about the person identified on the tab.

The TabStrip is implemented as a container of a Tabs collection, which in turn contains a group of Tab objects. The TabStrip control does not support the Click event.

The default property for a TabStrip is the SelectedItem property.

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