EncryptionProvider members (Office)

Provides the methods for setting up permissions, applying the cryptography of the underlying encryption and decryption, and user authentication.


Name Description
Authenticate Used to determine whether the user has the proper permissions to open the encrypted document.
CloneSession Creates a second, working copy of the EncryptionProvider object's encryption session for a file that is about to be saved.
DecryptStream Decrypts and returns a stream of encrypted data for a document.
EncryptStream Encrypts and returns a stream of data for a document.
EndSession Ends the current encryption session.
GetProviderDetail Displays information about the encryption of the current document.
NewSession Used by the EncryptionProvider object to create a new encryption session. This session is used by the provider to cache document-specific information about the encryption, users, and rights while the document is in memory.
Save Saves an encrypted document.
ShowSettings Used to display a dialog of the encryption settings for the current document.