MsoMergeCmd Enumeration (Office)

Specifies the output of a merge shapes operation.


Name Value Description
msoMergeCombine 2 Creates a new shape from selected shapes. If the selected shapes overlap, the area where they overlap is cut out, or discarded.
msoMergeFragment 5 Breaks a shape into smaller parts or create new shapes from intersecting lines or from shapes that overlap.
msoMergeIntersect 3 Forms a new closed shape from the area where selected shapes overlap, eliminating non-overlapping areas.
msoMergeSubtract 4 Creates a new shape by subtracting from the primary selection the areas where subsequent selections overlap.
msoMergeUnion 1 Creates a new shape from the perimeter of two or more overlapping shapes. The new shape is a set of all the points from the original shapes.
msoMergeCombine 2
msoMergeFragment 5
msoMergeIntersect 3
msoMergeSubtract 4
msoMergeUnion 1
Name Value Description