Application.BoxDataTemplate method (Project)

Creates, copies, renames, or deletes a data template for a Network Diagram view.


expression. BoxDataTemplate( _Name_, _Action_, _NewName_, _Overwrite_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Name Required String The name of the template to edit, create, copy or delete.
action Required Long The operation to perform on the template. Can be one of the following PjDataTemplate constants: pjDataTemplateCopy, pjDataTemplateDelete, pjDataTemplateNew, or pjDataTemplateRename.
NewName Optional String Required when specifying a new name for an existing data template (action is pjDataTemplateNew) or naming a copied data template (action is pjDataTemplateCopy). If action is pjDataTemplateRename or pjDataTemplateDelete, NewName is ignored.
Overwrite Optional Boolean True if an existing template should be replaced with one of the same name. If action is pjDataTemplateRename or pjDataTemplateDelete, Overwrite is ignored. The default value is False.

Return value


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