Application.CustomFieldIndicatorAdd method (Project)

Creates a test condition against the value of a custom field to determine which graphical indicator to display in place of the actual data.


expression. CustomFieldIndicatorAdd( _FieldID_, _Test_, _Value_, _IndicatorID_, _CriteriaList_, _Index_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
FieldID Required Long The custom field. Can be one of the PjCustomField constants.
Test Required Long The type of comparison to perform between Value and the custom field specified by FieldID. Can be one of the PjComparison constants.
Value Required String The value to compare with the custom field's value. If Test is pjCompareAnyValue, Value is ignored.
IndicatorID Required Long The indicator image to display when the value of the field specified with FieldID passes the comparison specified with Test. Can be one of the PjIndicator constants.
CriteriaList Optional Long The criteria list to which the test condition should be added. Can be one of the PjCriteriaList constants. The default value is pjCriteriaNonSummary.
Index Optional Integer The position to add the test condition in the list specified by CriteriaList. Tests are evaluated in ascending Index order. If Index is n + 2 or greater, where n is the number of existing tests, the test is added at n + 1. The default value is n + 1.

Return value



The CustomFieldIndicatorAdd method returns a trappable error (error code 1004) if the list specified by CriteriaList is read-only because it has been set to inherit values from another list.

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