Application.GlobalReports property (Project)

Gets the collection of global (built-in) reports. Read-only Reports.


expression. GlobalReports

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


The following example prints a list of built-in reports in the Immediate window of the VBE.

Sub ListGlobalReports()
    Dim oReport As Report

    Debug.Print "Number of global reports: " & GlobalReports.Count
    For Each oReport In GlobalReports
        Debug.Print oReport.Index & ": " & oReport.Name
    Next oReport
End Sub

Following is the output for the RTM release of Project:

Number of global reports: 21
1: Project Overview
2: Burndown
3: Cost Overview
4: Work Overview
5: Task Cost Overview
6: Overallocated Resources
7: Upcoming Tasks
8: Earned Value Report
9: Cash Flow
10: Resource Cost Overview
11: Cost Overruns
12: Resource Overview
13: Milestone Report
14: Critical Tasks
15: Slipping Tasks
16: Late Tasks
17: Get started with Project
18: Create reports
19: Organize tasks
20: Share with your team
21: Best Practice Analyzer

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