Application.ManageSiteColumns method (Project)

Displays the Manage Fields dialog box, which enables synchronizing built-in fields and custom fields in a local project with specified columns in a SharePoint 2013 tasks list.


expression. ManageSiteColumns

expression An expression that returns an Application object.

Return value



The ManageSiteColumns method is available only in Project Professional, with a local project that has been saved to a SharePoint task list. For more information, see the SynchronizeWithSite method.

The following table shows the columns and default synchronized fields in the Manage Fields dialog box. By default, the Priority and Task Status SharePoint columns are not synchronized with any Project field, so those items are empty.

Sync Project Field SharePoint Column
Yes Name Title
Yes Start Start Date
Yes Finish Due Date
Yes % Complete % Complete
Yes Resource Names Assigned To
Yes Predecessors Predecessors
No Priority
No Task Status


To add the Priority field in the Project Field column and synchronize with the Priority column in SharePoint, for example, you could do the following:

  1. Rename a text custom field in Project; for example, name Text1 as SharePoint Priority.

  2. Run the ManageSiteColumns method, and then in the Manage Fields dialog box, select SharePoint Priority (Text1) in the Project Field drop-down list that corresponds to Priority in the SharePoint column.

  3. Run the SyncPriority macro.

Sub SyncPriority() 
    Dim tsk As Task 
    Dim msfPriority As String 
    For Each tsk In ActiveProject.Tasks 
        msfPriority = tsk.Text1 
        Select Case msfPriority 
            Case "(1) High" 
               tsk.Priority = 700 
           Case "(2) Normal" 
               tsk.Priority = 500 
           Case "(3) Low" 
               tsk.Priority = 300 
        End Select 
    Next tsk 
End Sub

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