Application.ProjectTaskNew event (Project)

Occurs when a new task is created.


expression. ProjectTaskNew( _pj_, _ID_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
pj Required Project The project where the task was created.
ID Required Long The ID of the task that was created.

Return value



You can trap project-level events from outside VBA.


The following example shows how the ProjectTaskNew event can trap project-level events. In this case, the App_ProjectTaskNew event handler sets the global ProjTaskNew variable that the Change event handler uses. You can use similar code with the ProjectResourceNew and ProjectAssignmentNew events.

  1. Create a class module named EventClassModule, and then insert the following code:
Option Explicit 
Option Base 1 

Public WithEvents App As Application 
Public WithEvents Proj As Project 

Dim NewTaskIDs() As Integer 
Dim NumNewTasks As Integer 

Dim ProjTaskNew As Boolean 

Private Sub App_ProjectTaskNew(ByVal pj As Project, ByVal ID As Long) 
  NumNewTasks = NumNewTasks + 1 

  If ProjTaskNew Then 
      ReDim Preserve NewTaskIDs(NumNewTasks) As Integer 
      ReDim NewTaskIDs(NumNewTasks) As Integer 
  End If 

  NewTaskIDs(NumNewTasks) = ID 

  ProjTaskNew = True 
End Sub 

Private Sub Proj_Change(ByVal pj As Project) 
  Dim NewTaskID As Variant 

  If ProjTaskNew Then 
      For Each NewTaskID In NewTaskIDs 
          MsgBox "New Task Name: " & ActiveProject.Tasks.UniqueID(NewTaskID).Name 
      Next NewTaskID 

      NumNewTasks = 0 

      ProjTaskNew = False 
  End If 
End Sub
  1. In a separate module, insert the following code:
Option Explicit 

Dim X As New EventClassModule 

Sub Initialize_App() 
  Set X.App = MSProject.Application 
  Set X.Proj = Application.ActiveProject 
End Sub
  1. Run the Initialize_App procedure to start listening to the events.

  2. Create a task. The event handler shows a message box every time a new task is added.

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