Application.SetResourceFieldByID method (Project)

Sets the value of a resource field specified by the field identification number.


expression. SetResourceFieldByID( _FieldID_, _Value_, _AllSelectedResources_, _Create_, _ResourceID_, _ProjectName_ )

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
FieldID Required PjField Field identification number. Can be one of the resource fields specified by a PjField constant or a number returned by the FieldNameToFieldConstant method.
Value Required String The value of the resource field.
AllSelectedResources Optional Boolean True if the value of the field is set for all selected resources. False if the value is set for the active resource. The default value is False.
Create Optional Boolean True if Project should create a resource if the active cell is on an empty row. The default value is True.
ResourceID Optional Long The identification number of the resource containing the field to set. If AllSelectedResources is True, ResourceID is ignored.
ProjectName Optional String If the active project is a consolidated project, specifies the name of the project for the resource specified by ResourceID. If ResourceID is not specified, ProjectName is ignored. The default value is the name of the active project.

Return value



To set a resource field by name, use the SetResourceField method.

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