Application.ShowReportDataPane method (Project)

Shows or hides the report data pane, when a chart shape or table shape is selected in a report.


expression. ShowReportDataPane (Show)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Show Optional Boolean True to show the report data pane; False to hide the data pane. When the Show parameter is missing, ShowReportDataPane toggles the report data pane between visible and not visible.

Return value


True if the ShowReportDataPane method is successful; otherwise, False.


When a chart shape or table shape is selected in a report, the ShowReportDataPane method can show or hide the Field List data pane for the chart or table. The method corresponds to the Show Field List command or Hide Field List command in the option menu when you right-click a chart or a table.

If a chart or table is not selected, the ShowReportDataPane method displays a dialog box with run-time error 1100, "The method is not available in this situation." For other views, such as the Gantt chart, the ShowReportDataPane method has no effect, but returns True.

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