Application.TimelineBarDateRange method (Project)

Modifies the start and finish dates for a Timeline bar. Introduced in Office 2016.


expression.TimelineBarDateRange (CustomDates, StartDate, FinishDate, BarIndex)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
CustomDates Optional Boolean Indicates if the timeline bar should use custom dates. If true, and the start and finish values are not specified, uses the current project's start and finish dates. If false, ignores any of the other values.
StartValue Optional Variant Start date.
FinishValue Optional Variant Finish date.
TimelineViewName Optional String Specifies the name of a timeline to use. The name can be the built-in timeline or an existing custom timeline such as "My Timeline". The default value is the name of the active timeline.

Return value


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