Application.TimescaleNonWorkingEx method (Project)

Sets the format of nonworking times, where color values can be hexadecimal RGB values.


expression. TimescaleNonWorkingEx( _Draw_, _Calendar_, _Color_, _Pattern_ )

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Draw Optional Integer How nonworking times are denoted in relation to Gantt bars. Can be one of the following PjNonWorkingPlacement constants: pjBehind, pjInFront, or pjDoNotDraw.
Calendar Optional String The name of the calendar to format.
Color Optional Long The color of nonworking times. Can be a hexadecimal value for the RGB color, where red is the last byte. For example, the value &HFF0000 is blue and &H00FFFF is yellow.
Pattern Optional Integer The pattern for nonworking times. Can be one of the PjFillPattern constants.

Return value



Using the TimescaleNonWorkingEx method without specifying any arguments displays the Timescale dialog box with the Non-working Time tab selected.


The following example draws nonworking time behind the task bars in a light red.

Sub Timescale_NonWorking() 
    ' Sets nonworking time behind the task bars to red. 
    'Activate Gantt Chart. 
    ViewApply Name:="&Gantt Chart" 
    TimescaleNonWorkingEx Draw:=pjBehind, Color:=&HAAAAFF 
End Sub

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