Application.UsableHeight property (Project)

Gets the maximum height available for a project window in points. Read-only Double.



expression A variable that represents an Application object.


The UsableHeight property equals the total amount of vertical space inside the main window minus the space taken up by the Ribbon, status bars, scroll bars, and the title bar.


The following example moves the windows of every open project inside the main window.

Sub FitWindows() 
 Dim W As Window ' The Window object used in For Each loop 
 For Each W In Application.Windows 
 ' Adjust the height of each window, if necessary. 
 If W.Height > UsableHeight Then 
 W.Height = UsableHeight 
 W.Top = 0 
 ' Adjust the vertical position of each window, if necessary. 
 ElseIf W.Top + W.Height > UsableHeight Then 
 W.Top = UsableHeight - W.Height 
 End If 
 ' Adjust the width of each window, if necessary. 
 If W.Width > UsableWidth Then 
 W.Width = UsableWidth 
 W.Left = 0 
 ' Adjust the horizontal position of each window, if necessary. 
 ElseIf W.Left + W.Width > UsableWidth Then 
 W.Left = UsableWidth - W.Width 
 End If 
 Next W 
End Sub

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