Application.UserName property (Project)

Gets or sets the local name of the current user. Read/write String.



expression A variable that represents an Application object.


The UserName property of the Application object shows the local user name. By comparison, the UserName property of the Profile object shows the logon name.

Use the UserName property to customize Project options or macros for a particular user. For example, suppose you have written a macro named PrintReport that prints the Mine.mpp report when you press CTRL+R, but another user wants to use the same shortcut keys to print the Yours.mpp report. You can edit the PrintReport macro so that it checks the UserName property and then prints Mine.mpp if you are the current user or prints Yours.mpp if you are not the current user.


The UserName property is the local name but can be changed to a different value. The Author field in the Project Properties dialog box is the logon name of the user by default.


The following example sets preferences according to the name of the current user.

Sub GetUserName() 
    ' Get the user name. 
    UserName = InputBox$("What's your name?", , UserName) 
    ' If user is Jeff Smith, then set certain preferences. 
    If UserName = "Jeff Smith" Then 
        DisplayScheduleMessages = False 
        BarRounding On:=False 
        Calculation = True 
    ' Otherwise, set default preferences. 
        DisplayScheduleMessages = True 
        BarRounding On:=True 
        Calculation = False 
    End If
End Sub

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