PjBackgroundPattern enumeration (Project)

Contains constants that specify the background pattern.

Name Value Description
pjBackgroundDarkDiagonalLeft 7 Dark diagonal left.
pjBackgroundDarkDiagonalRight 8 Dark diagonal right.
pjBackgroundDarkDither 13 Dark dither.
pjBackgroundDarkFill 4 Dark fill.
pjBackgroundDiagonalLeft 5 Diagonal left.
pjBackgroundDiagonalRight 6 Diagonal right.
pjBackgroundHollow 0 Hollow.
pjBackgroundLightDither 11 Light dither.
pjBackgroundLightFill 2 Light fill.
pjBackgroundMediumDither 12 Medium dither.
pjBackgroundMediumFill 3 Medium fill.
pjBackgroundMediumVerticalStripe 10 Medium vertical stripe
pjBackgroundSolidFill 1 Solid fill.
pjBackgroundThinVerticalStripe 9 Thin vertical stripe.

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