Project.CustomDocumentProperties property (Project)

Gets a DocumentProperties collection representing the custom properties of the document. Read-only Object.


expression. CustomDocumentProperties

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


For more information, see DocumentProperties Collection Object in the Microsoft Office Visual Basic Reference.

To use this property, you must include a reference to the Microsoft Office 14.0 Object Library by using the References command on the Tools menu. The Object Library contains definitions for the Visual Basic objects, properties, methods, and constants used to manipulate document properties.

Use the BuiltinDocumentProperties property to return the collection of built-in document properties.


In the following example, the Date completed custom property value would be Nothing if the property is added to the project, but the project is not completed. Before you run the TestDocProps example, add some tasks to the active project and assign them to a resource.

Sub TestDocProps()
    Dim docProps As Office.DocumentProperties
    Dim docProp As Office.DocumentProperty
    Dim numProps As Integer
    Set docProps = ActiveProject.CustomDocumentProperties
    numProps = docProps.Count
    Debug.Print "Number of custom document properties: " & numProps
    For Each docProp In docProps
        If (docProp.Name = "Date completed") Then
            Debug.Print "Date completed: (none) "
            Debug.Print docProp.Name & vbTab & ": " & docProp.Value
        End If
    Next docProp
End Sub

Following are the results of the TestDocProps macro, for a project that does not have the Date completed property added:

Number of custom document properties: 7
% Complete  : 0%
Cost    : $0.00
Duration    : 5 days?
Finish  : Thu 5/7/09
Start   : Fri 5/1/09
Work    : 40h
% Work Complete : 0%

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