TextRange.InsertBefore method (Publisher)

Appends a string to the beginning of the specified text range. Returns a TextRange object that represents the appended text. When used without an argument, this method returns a zero-length string at the end of the specified range.


expression.InsertBefore (NewText)

expression A variable that represents a TextRange object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
NewText Required String The text to be inserted. The default value is an empty string.

Return value



This example adds the Microsoft Publisher build number and a paragraph break to the beginning of the first shape on the first page of the active publication. This example assumes that the specified shape is a text frame and not another type of shape.

Sub InsertTextBefore() 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1) 
 .TextFrame.TextRange.InsertBefore _ 
 NewText:="Microsoft Publisher Build : " & Build & vbCrLf 
 End With 
End Sub

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