Layer.CellsC property (Visio)

Returns a Cell object that represents a ShapeSheet cell in a row in the Layers section. Read-only.


expression. CellsC( _Column_ )

expression An expression that returns a Layer object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Column Required Integer The cell index of the cell to get.

Return value



The following constants for the cell index are declared by the Microsoft Visio type library in VisCellIndices.

Constant Value
visLayerName 0
visLayerColor 2
visLayerStatus 3
visLayerVisible 4
visLayerPrint 5
visLayerActive 6
visLayerLock 7
visLayerSnap 8
visLayerGlue 9
visLayerNameUniv 10
visLayerColorTrans 11

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