ServerPublishOptions.SetRecordsetsToPublish method (Visio)

Sets the data recordsets to be published to a server.


expression. SetRecordsetsToPublish( _PublishDataRecordsets_ , _DataRecordsetIDs()_ )

expression A variable that represents a ServerPublishOptions object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
PublishDataRecordsets Required VisPublishDataRecordsets Specifies whether all, no, or selected data recordsets are to be published. See Remarks for possible values.
DataRecordsetIDs() Required Long Specifies the identifiers of the data recordsets that are set to be published if PublishDataRecordsets is visPublishDataRecordsetsSelect.

Return value



The PublishDataRecordsets parameter must be one of the following VisPublishDataRecordsets constants.

Constant Value Description
visPublishDataRecordsetsAll 0 Publish all data recordsets in the document.
visPublishDataRecordsetsNone 1 Publish none of the data recordsets in the document.
visPublishDataRecordsetsSelect 2 Publish selected data recordsets.

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