ToolbarItem.ToolbarItems property (Visio)

Returns the ToolbarItems collection of a ToolbarItem object. Read-only.


expression. ToolbarItems

expression A variable that represents a ToolbarItem object.

Return value



This Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the ToolbarItems property to get a particular object in a collection. It also shows how to get a copy of the built-in Visio toolbars, add a toolbar button, set the button icon, and replace the built-in toolbar set with the custom set.

Before running this code, replace path\filename with the full path to and name of a valid icon (.ico) file on your computer.

To restore the built-in Visio toolbars after you run this macro, call the ThisDocument.ClearCustomToolbars method.

Public Sub ToolbarItems_Example() 
 Dim vsoUIObject As Visio.UIObject 
 Dim vsoToolbarSet As Visio.ToolbarSet 
 Dim vsoToolbarItems As Visio.ToolbarItems 
 Dim vsoToolbarItem As Visio.ToolbarItem 
 'Get the UIObject object for the copy of the built-in toolbars. 
 Set vsoUIObject = Visio.Application.BuiltInToolbars(0) 
 'Get the drawing window toolbar sets. 
 'NOTE: Use ItemAtID to get the toolbar set. 
 'Using vsoUIObject.ToolbarSets(visUIObjSetDrawing) will not work. 
 Set vsoToolbarSet = vsoUIObject.ToolbarSets.ItemAtID(visUIObjSetDrawing) 
 'Get the ToolbarItems collection. 
 Set vsoToolbarItems = vsoToolbarSet.Toolbars(0).ToolbarItems 
 'Add a new button in the first position. 
 Set vsoToolbarItem = vsoToolbarItems.AddAt(0) 
 'Set properties for the new toolbar button. 
 vsoToolbarItem.CntrlType = visCtrlTypeBUTTON 
 vsoToolbarItem.CmdNum = visCmdPanZoom 
 'Set the toolbar button icon. 
 vsoToolbarItem.IconFileName "path\filename" 
 'Use the new custom UI. 
 ThisDocument.SetCustomToolbars vsoUIObject 
End Sub

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