Window.ShowPageOutline property (Visio)

Determines whether the drawing page outline is displayed in the Microsoft Visio drawing window. Read/write.


expression. ShowPageOutline

expression A variable that represents a Window object.

Return value



The default value is True (the page outline is displayed), which is also the default Visio behavior. You can use the ShowPageOutline property to prevent display of the page outline in any Visio drawing window, including page, master, and group windows. Attempting to set ShowPageOutline for other windows, including stencil windows, ShapeSheet windows, and icon windows, will throw an exception.

Setting ShowPageOutline to False does not hide the page grid. To hide the grid, use the Window.ShowGrid property.

The ShowPageOutline property setting is valid only for a given window at run time, and is not persisted (saved) in either the Visio document or the Windows registry.

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