Application.PointsToMillimeters method (Word)

Converts a measurement from points to millimeters (1 millimeter = 2.835 points). Returns the converted measurement as a Single.


expression. PointsToMillimeters( _Points_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object. Optional.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Points Required Single The measurement, in points.

Return value



This example converts 72 points to the corresponding number of millimeters.

MsgBox PointsToMillimeters(72) & " millimeters"

This example converts the value of the variable sngData (a measurement in points) to centimeters, inches, lines, millimeters, or picas, depending on the value of the variable intUnit (a value from 1 through 5 that indicates the resulting unit of measurement).

Function ConvertPoints(ByVal intUnit As Integer, _ 
 sngData As Single) As Single 
 Select Case intUnit 
 Case 1 
 ConvertPoints = PointsToCentimeters(sngData) 
 Case 2 
 ConvertPoints = PointsToInches(sngData) 
 Case 3 
 ConvertPoints = PointsToLines(sngData) 
 Case 4 
 ConvertPoints = PointsToMillimeters(sngData) 
 Case 5 
 ConvertPoints = PointsToPicas(sngData) 
 Case Else 
 Error 5 
 End Select 
End Function

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