ContentControl.DateStorageFormat property (Word)

Returns or sets a WdContentControlDateStorageFormat that represents the format for storage and retrieval of dates when a date content control is bound to the XML data store of the active document. Read/write.


expression. DateStorageFormat

expression An expression that returns a ContentControl object.


The DateStorageFormat property allows you to store dates in date format, date/time format, or text format.


The following example adds a date content control to the active document and specifies the date, the date display format, and the date storage format.

Dim objCC As ContentControl 
Set objCC = ActiveDocument.ContentControls.Add(wdContentControlDate) 
objCC.Title = "Review Period End Date" 
objCC.DateDisplayFormat = "MMMM d, yyyy" 
objCC.DateStorageFormat = wdContentControlDateStorageDate 
objCC.Range.Text = "January 1, 2007"

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