Dictionary.LanguageSpecific property (Word)

True if the custom dictionary is to be used only with text formatted for a specific language. Read/write Boolean.


expression. LanguageSpecific

expression A variable that represents a 'Dictionary' object.


This example checks to see whether any custom dictionaries are language specific. If any of them are, the example removes them from the list of active custom dictionaries.

Dim dicLoop As Dictionary 
For each dicLoop in CustomDictionaries 
 If dicLoop.LanguageSpecific = True Then dicLoop.Delete 
Next dicLoop

This example adds a custom dictionary that will check only text that's formatted as German.

Dim dicNew As Dictionary 
Set dicNew = CustomDictionaries.Add("German1.dic") 
dicNew.LanguageSpecific = True 
dicNew.LanguageID = wdGerman

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