Envelope.UpdateDocument method (Word)

Updates the envelope in the document with the current envelope settings.


expression. UpdateDocument

expression Required. A variable that represents an 'Envelope' object.


If you use this property before an envelope has been added to the document, an error occurs.


This example formats the envelope in Report.doc to use a custom envelope size (4.5 inches by 7.5 inches).

Sub UpdateEnvelope() 
 On Error GoTo errhandler 
 With Documents("Report.doc").Envelope 
 .DefaultHeight = InchesToPoints(4.5) 
 .DefaultWidth = InchesToPoints(7.5) 
 End With 
 Exit Sub 
 If Err = 5852 Then _ 
 MsgBox "Report.doc doesn't include an envelope" 
End Sub

This example adds an envelope to the active document, using predefined addresses. The default envelope bar code and Facing Identification Mark (FIM-A) settings are set to True, and the envelope in the active document is updated.

Dim strAddress As String 
Dim strReturn As String 
strAddress = "Darlene Rudd" & vbCr & "1234 E. Main St." _ 
 & vbCr & "Our Town, WA 98004" 
strReturn = "Patricia Reed" & vbCr & "N. 33rd St." _ 
 & vbCr & "Other Town, WA 98040" 
ActiveDocument.Envelope.Insert _ 
 Address:=strAddress, ReturnAddress:=strReturn 
With ActiveDocument.Envelope 
 .DefaultPrintBarCode = True 
 .DefaultPrintFIMA = True 
End With

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