Hyperlink.EmailSubject property (Word)

Returns or sets the text string for the specified hyperlink's subject line. Read/write String.



expression A variable that represents a 'Hyperlink' object.


The subject line is appended to the hyperlink's Internet address, or URL. This property is commonly used with email hyperlinks. The value of this property takes precedence over any email subject specified in the Address property of the same Hyperlink object.


This example checks the active document for email hyperlinks; if it finds any that have a blank subject line, it adds the subject "NewProducts".

Dim hypLoop As Hyperlink 
For Each hypLoop In ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks 
 If hypLoop.Address Like "mailto*" And _ 
 hypLoop.Address = hypLoop.EmailSubject Then 
 hypLoop.EmailSubject = "NewProducts" 
 End If 
Next hypLoop

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